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We offer in-school classes and after school bands for the following instruments: 


Trumpet: Highest sounds in the brass family, bright and clear. Plays lots of melody in the band.

French Horn: Rich, beautiful sound. More difficult to start on than the other brass instruments.

Trombone:  Fun instrument that is very important in concert and jazz band.

Baritone Horn: Maybe the easiest of the brass to begin on. Has a big, full sound. 

Euphonium: Very similar to the baritone horn.

Tuba: Big instrument that adds the low foundation notes in a band.


Flute: Like the trumpet, the flute gets to play lots of melody in a band. It takes a couple weeks for some students to get a clear sound, but after the initial hurdle is a fun and easy instrument to play.

Clarinet: Great starter instrument. For most students this is the easiest instrument initially to play. A nice mellow sound.

Alto Saxophone: Very popular instrument as it is so versatile. Also a great starter instrument.

Tenor Saxophone: A bigger sax than the alto so has a lower pitch.

Oboe: Also gets quite a bit of melody but uses a double reed that is expensive (around $15). The first one the student gets for free but after that you must purchase. Usually students go through 4 or 5 a year.

Bassoon: Has a nice, rich low sound but also uses a double reed that is expensive (around $15). The first one the student gets for free but after that you must purchase.


Violin: Highest sounding of the string instruments. Plays mainly the melody sections in an orchestra. A very popular instrument.

Viola: Has a rich, beautiful sound. Is played similar to a violin but has lower sounds.

Cello: Sounds an octave lower than the viola. Has a bigger sound and as you sit with it resting on the ground has a more natural feel to start with than the violin.

Double Bass: Very large instrument that you stand to play with it resting on the ground beside you. Adds the foundation notes to an orchestra.

Percussion & Auxiliary Percussion

Percussion students play on the whole family of percussion not just drums so they will learn to play Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Orchestra Bells, Xylophone, Timpani and a variety of hand held, auxiliary percussion instruments. They learn the fundamentals of rhythm reading and playing, skills that lead to a wide range of options for success in music.




In-school classes run the 3rd week of September -  Victoria Day weekend in May, with instructors coming to the student's school. The program is open to all students Grade 3 & above.

*There are also after-school bands, ensembles and groups that are open to all students within NEIM. These groups have many opportunities to travel and perform throughout the year: 


Beginner Strings 
- Intermediate String

- Advanced Strings
- Beginner Percussion Ensemble 
- Beginner Band 
- Intermediate Band 

- Advanced Band

- Flute/Clarinet Ensemble
- Jazz Band


Our Instruments


In School & After School

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