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About the Program

Niagara Elementary Instrumental Music is an exciting extra-curricularmusic program that welcomes all DSBN students in grades 3-8.

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Once a  week, students meet after-school with the other musicians from their area at a centrally-located school to play in after-school bands, ensembles, and groups.


2023-2024 schedule

NEIM offers the following after-school ensembles: 

  • Beginner Strings

  • Advanced Strings

  • Beginner Percussion Ensemble

  • Beginner Band

  • Intermediate Band

  • Advanced Band

  • Flute-Clarinet Ensemble

  • Jazz Band

Students are assigned their ensembles based on experience level on their instrument. The after-school rehearsal is an integral part of our music program. Regular attendance is equally as important as attendance at the in-school lesson. Many families choose to form carpool groups to arrange transportation.

These groups have many opportunities to travel & perform throughout the year. 

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After-School Ensembles

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In-school lessons run from the 3rd week of September all the way to the Victoria Day long weekend in May.



Instructors travel to each school once a week to teach small-group lessons. Groups are organized by level of experience and/or instrument type, and the size of each group depends on the number of students registered at that school. Lessons are held during the school day at a time that works best for the school and instructor.

Click here to view the In-School Lesson Schedule for 2023-2024




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In-School Lessons


Our Program

2 lessons a week:

  • 1 small-group lesson during school hours

  • 1 after-school band/ensemble rehearsal

Our instructors provide parents with updates in the form of progress reports twice a year and invite all to “open” Band or Orchestra rehearsals along with a Christmas Concert and Year End Concert.

This is an experience like no other program!



  • Instruments from the Brass, String, and Woodwind families are available for students in grades 3-8.

  • Students may choose Percussion starting in grade 5

Instruments are rented from NEIM for a nominal fee or students may bring their own.



For just $5.00 per lesson (2 lessons per week), your child can embark on a musical journey and grow with the Niagara Elementary Instrumental Music program. Our prices stand as highly competitive compared to private instruction (averaging $15-$25 per half hour.)

Our Music Program runs because of YOU and your aspiring musicians. We do not solicit or receive any monies from outside organizations or from the District School Board of Niagara.

Established in the 1960s as part of the Lincoln County Board of Education, we proudly provide lessons for all musically-inclined students interested in learning Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, and Stringed instruments.

We gladly welcome both students with prior instrument experience and complete beginners!

Give us a try and become one of thousands of students in the Niagara Region who have experienced the joy of the
Niagara Elementary Instrumental Music program!

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