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Foster growth and harmony in every note of your educational adventure with NEIM!

When can my child enroll?

Enrollment begins in April through June of each school year, but we do accept registrations through October after the school year has begun.

Do you offer all musical instruments?

A list of instruments available for instruction can be found on our registration form. All of the instruments listed are available throughout the DSBN.

What happens if my child doesn't like the program after a few lessons?

We would like everyone to enjoy our music program, however, you may withdraw from the program prior to October 16th, provided we have been notified in writing and our instrument is returned. A refund, less an administration fee, ($25.00) will be issued. If your child withdraws between October 16th and November 1st the refund is the full amount minus $100 and if you withdraw in November you may receive a refund of 50% of the cost of the program less the administration fee of $25.00. No refund will be given for withdrawals on or after December 1st.

What happens when my child misses
anin-school class?

When students miss an in-school class due to sickness, a family outing/holiday or a school function, the classes may or may not be made up by the instructor. This depends completely on the instructor's scheduled timetable and if any time is available. When a school function is scheduled on the very same day as an in-school lesson, the parents/guardians must ultimately decide which is more important. Informing both the school and the music instructor would be much appreciated!

When do the students have concerts?

Yes we do have concerts! The concert bands, orchestras & percussion ensembles have their first public performance during the second week of December. We then hold a workshop week in early April & finally, a year end concert at the end of May. Visit our website for updates on concerts and musical happenings!

Do you accept Visa, Mastercard etc...?

No, we do not accept Visa or Mastercard to date. We prefer e-transfers ( but will also accept cash, a money order or a personal cheque made out to Niagara Instrumental Music.

What happens on PD Days, Snow Days and Early Release Days?

Our in-school classes and after-school band/orchestra rehearsals are cancelled on half & full PA Days & snow days. On Early Dismissal Days, all morning in-school classes are as scheduled as usual with all afternoon in-school classes and all after-school band/orchestra rehearsals cancelled. Check our website for cancellation updates.

Can parents and family members attend
an after-school band/orchestra rehearsal?

We encourage all of our parents/guardians and family members to be audience members at any time! Occasionally "open rehearsals" are announced for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to ask your child's instructor.

What does the program cost?

The cost is currently $300.00 per student for lessons and $100 extra if you need to rent an instrument. All students receive approximately 30 weekly In-School "lessons", 20 to 60 minutes in length, depending on class size, and approximately 30 weekly After-School Band/Orchestra "rehearsals" of 60 minutes duration. Based on a total of approx. 60 classes, the cost is approx. $5.00 per class! ​ Comparatively, the cost for an individual private lesson is approx. $15-$25 per half hour.

When do classes begin and end?

In-school classes begin the 3rd week of September and after-school classes begin the 5th week of school and finish the 3rd week of May.

What if a student can't go to a band/orchestra rehearsal?

Band/orchestra rehearsals are an integral part of your child's music experience and should be attended regularly. If you can't make it to a particular rehearsal or it interferes with another commitment, please advise your instructor in advance or call our office. If and when your child becomes involved with basketball or volleyball, our general policy is to "alternate" weekly between sports and after-school band/orchestra rehearsals.

What happens when an instructor
misses an in-school class?

If your child's instructor misses an in-school lesson due to sickness, vehicle trouble or personal family matters, every effort will be made by the instructor for his/her missed lesson to be rescheduled for another time convenient for the instructor and the school.

Does NEIM provide tax receipts?

NEIM will provide tax receipts as early as February.

What happens if my child damages their instrument?

We know accidents happen. If a DSBN/NEIM-used instrument is damaged, the student must immediately report this to their instructor. The Instructor will then assess the damages and in consultation with the student and parents/guardians, find a suitable solution. Usually this is not a problem. ​ Any students found to be purposely damaging instruments or acting irresponsibly and abusing the privilege of having an instrument will be responsible for any and all repairs. Students that use their own instrument are responsible for any and all repairs or damages to that particular instrument.

What if my child changes their mind
about the type of instrument they chose?

If your child would like to change his or her instrument, this may be possible after a consultation with their instructor. Please keep in mind that we can only supply instruments on a "first come, first served" basis.

Can anybody enroll?

Any elementary student enrolled as a student of the District School Board of Niagara in Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 may join our Niagara Elementary Instrumental Music Program. No prior experience is necessary.

Can you give me a list of students that
are in a particular ensemble so we can share car-pooling?

Unfortunately, due to Privacy Legislation, we cannot provide you with any information regarding any student other than your own. Our band/orchestra rehearsals do not start until the first week of October, so that should give each student ample time to make friends, find out who attends the same rehearsal from their own school and make arrangements to car-pool.

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