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Concert/Special Dates Schedule

Click the link to view the 2023-2024 Year calendar. 

The calendar is updated when new dates are decided, so be sure to check back in. 

After-School Ensembles

All after-school groups listed start the week of Oct 2nd and are 1 hour in length, unless otherwise marked. 

Miss S. Kukoly  - Concert Band


Monday 4:20 pm. A N Myer S.S. Wednesday 4:20 pm. Eastdale S.S.


Monday 5:30 pm. A N Myer S.S.

Mrs. D. Cruz - String Ensemble

Combined Schedule 2023-2024

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Beginner Bands:


Monday           4:20     A N Myer S.S.

Tuesday          4:20     Laura Secord S.S

Tuesday          4:20     E L Crossley S.S.

Wednesday   4:20     Eastdale S.S

Wednesday   4:20     (former) Grimsby S.S. ***

Thursday        4:20     (former) Grimsby S.S. ***

Thursday        4:20     Laura Secord S.S

Beginner Orchestras:

Monday           4:20      (former) Grimsby S.S. ***

Wednesday   4:20      Laura Secord S.S

Thursday        4:20      Eastdale S.S

Thursday        4:20      Prince Philip P.S.

Thursday        4:20      Laura Secord S.S

Experienced (Intermediate/Advanced)


Monday           3:30      Crossroads P.S.

Monday           5:30      A N Myer S.S

Tuesday          5:30      E L Crossley S.S

Wednesday   5:30     (former) Grimsby S.S.(Advanced) ***

Thursday        5:30      Laura Secord S.S

Thursday        5:30     (former) Grimsby S.S.. (Intermediate) ***

Experienced (Intermediate/Advanced)


Monday           5:30     (former) Grimsby S.S. ***

Wednesday   5:30     Laura Secord

Thursday        5:30     Prince Philip P.S.

Thursday        5:30     Eastdale

Mr. A. Carruthers  - Concert Band/Percussion Ensemble


Tuesday 4:20 pm. Laura Secord S.S. Thursday 4:20 pm. Laura Secord S.S.


Thursday 5:30 pm. Laura Secord S.S.

Percussion Ensemble:

at Woodland Public School Wednesday 4:20 pm. County Schools Wednesday 5:30 pm. St. Catharines Schools (For month of October then they will join bands)

Mr. C. Inglis - Concert Band


Tuesday 4:20 pm. E.L. Crossley S.S. Wednesday 4:20 pm. (former) Grimsby S.S.*** Thursday 4:20 pm. (former) Grimsby S.S.***


Tuesday 5:30 pm. E.L. Crossley S.S.


Monday 3:30 pm. Crossroads P.S. Thursday 5:30 pm (former) Grimsby S.S. ***


Wednesday 5:30 pm. (former) Grimsby S.S. ***


Monday 4:20 pm (former) Grimsby S.S. Thursday 4:20 pm Prince Philip P.S.


Monday 5:30 pm (former) Grimsby S.S. Thursday 5:30 pm Prince Philip P.S.

Miss H. Flake - String Ensemble


Thursday 4:20 pm Eastdale S. S.


Thursday 5:30 pm Eastdale S. S.

Mrs. D. Marconi - String Ensemble

*Inclement weather - If the school board closes the school due to weather conditions, rehearsals are cancelled*


Wednesday 4:20 pm Laura Secord S.S.


Wednesday 5:30 pm Laura Secord S.S.

Mr. I. Slade - String Ensemble


Thursday 4:20 pm Laura Secord S.S.

In-School Lessons

In-school lessons will run from September 15th, 2023 until the long weekend of May.

Lesson length depends on the number of students in the class. Lessons occur at the same day and time each week, during school hours.


If there are concerns about missing a particular class, we do have some flexibility in scheduling so can adjust. Let your instructor know. 

Choose your instructor to see which day of the week they attend your school.

Mr. A. Carruthers

Miss. H. Flake

Miss S. Kukoly

Mr. I. Slade

Mrs. D. Cruz

Mr. C. Inglis

Mrs. D. Marconi

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