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Niagara Elementary Instrumental Music Program

Welcome to the

2020 plan
Dear NEIM students and families,

Our NEIM staff is excited to be back in person for the 2022/2023 school year! We received an amazing 500+ additional registrations in September, and are so glad our local musical community is coming back in person stronger than ever.

This unexpected influx of new registrations has also led to some processing difficulties in our registration system. We apologize to any of you who were affected and promise our team is working hard to get in touch with those whose communications weren't received. If we haven't got back to you, please feel free to contact us by email or reach out to Mr. Inglis directly and he will ensure it gets sorted out quickly.



December  2022

Ho ho ho - you did it! We're so pleased with the many Christmas concerts our hardworking students put on this holiday season. So many of you performed in front of a live audience for the FIRST TIME EVER and you should be very proud of yourselves- we are very proud of you. Now time for a well earned break (with plenty of time to practice)...

September  2022

After doing virtual lessons only since the pandemic started, we are very excited to be back in person for the 2022/23 school year! Lessons at the schools will start mid September and run until the long weekend in May. After-school ensembles will begin at the beginning of October and run until early June.

* Registrations are currently closed. Check back in April to register for next year!


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