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All our after-school groups perform at least two times during the year, at a winter concert and at an end of year spring concert. Often groups have open rehearsal for parents/guardians and have other performing opportunities too. 

End of YearConcerts:

Please confirm with instructors both the day and time!

**There will be a $5 admission fee for adults**

 Thursday May 25th, 4:30pm, Crossroads Library

      Crossroads Beginner Band

 Tuesday May 30th, 7pm, EL Crossley Gymnasium

       Welland Beginner and Experienced Orchestras

       Pelham Beginner and Experienced Bands

 Thursday June 1st, 7pm, Laura Secord Auditorium

      St. Catharines Beginner and Experienced Orchestras

       St. Catharines Beginner and Experienced Bands

 Monday June 5th, 7pm, AN Myer Gymnasium

       Niagara Falls Beginner Band and Orchestra

 Wednesday June 7th, 5pm Eastdale Cafeteria

      Welland Beginner Band

 Monday June 12th, 7pm Beamsville Gymnasium

      Beamsville Beginner Orchestra

       Beamsville Beginner and Experienced Bands/Ensembles 

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