Upcoming Events:

December Concerts: 

please note *all NEIM December concerts are "admission by monetary donation" proceeds are used to purchase new music for bands and orchestras

St. Catharines bands with Julia Morley:

Tuesday December 10th 

LSSS cafeteria


St. Catharines string orchestras with Mike van Dongen:

Tuesday December 10th

LSSS cafeteria

6:30pm (please arrive by 6:15)

Grace Snippe December 10th AN Myer cafeteria @ 7pm
(They will be having regular rehearsals that night 4:15-5:15...dinner break until 6:30. The experienced strings have their rehearsal from 5:30-6:30 & can stay until showtime)

Craig Inglis December 11th BDSS cafeteria:

beginner band @4:30

intermediate @5:30

advanced @6:30

Craig Inglis December 12th EL Crossley cafeteria @ 7pm ...3 Pelham Bands

Andrew Carruthers December 12th Port High cafeteria @ 7pm South Concert Bands ( Welland Eastdale experienced band & Port beginner band combined)
Niagara Falls Bands:

Monday December 16th

AN Myer cafeteria

Beginner band: 5:30
Experienced band: 6:30pm

Danielle Marconi's string orchestras:

Monday December 16th

Eastdale gym @ 6pm... students must arrive no later than 5:45

Mike van Dongen's BDSS string orchestras:

Monday December 16th


5:30pm in the small gym right beside the cafeteria (please arrive by 5:15)

Enjoy the shows!