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NEIM Student Code of Conduct



1. Demonstrate respect for him/herself and others including Instructors, school staff, parents & volunteers.


2. Respect school property and the property of others.


3. Properly play and care for all instruments within the NEIM Program.


4. Instruments will never be set on the ground, played or left outside, left for a period of time in a hot or cold vehicle/environment or used in any way to engage in horseplay.  Every instrument, and every part of it, will be treated with care, common sense & respect!  Instruments must be regularly cleaned.


5. Attend In-School Classes & After-School Ensembles on time (having visited the washroom beforehand), prepared and ready to learn.


6. Refrain from bringing anything to class that may compromise the safety, well being or learning of others.


7. Follow established rules and take responsibility for his/her own actions.


8. Ask for clarification on matters not readily understood.


9. It is important that student chatter be kept to a minimum.  A quieter classroom guarantees the most productive, creative and enjoyable learning experience for each student.


10. If a student's conduct is repeatedly deemed unacceptable, he/she may be withdrawn from the NEIM program without monetary refund or reimbursement.  If a student does not abide by the above Code of Conduct, the use of a DSBN instrument is a privilege that will be withdrawn.


11. Music Instructors will be in attendance and responsible for children 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after all Band/Orchestra rehearsals.  Students must be picked up after rehearsal's conclusion.  If you wish to communicate with Instructors, please do so before or after scheduled rehearsal times.


12. When DSBN schools are closed due to inclement weather, holidays, Professional Activity Days, etc., all In-School Classes and After-School Ensemble classes will be cancelled. On no bus days when the school's are still open, all in-school classes are cancelled. After-school groups still run at the discretion of the instructor.


13. All afternoon In-School classes and all After-School Band/Orchestra Rehearsals will be cancelled on DSBN Early Release Days.


14. No make-up classes are scheduled when In-School classes are missed by students due to other commitments.  Example: school trips, school sports, absences, appointments, etc.


15. When In-School classes and After-School Band/Orchestra rehearsals are cancelled by Instructors due to sickness, vehicle breakdown or a family emergency, the Instructor will make every effort within the school year to make up classes missed.


NOTE:  Students owning instruments are responsible for purchasing All supplies.  Students are able to purchase replacement reeds and strings at local retailers, however these may be purchased from NEIM Instructors.  

***Woodwind Players - 2 free reeds for 1st year students;  1 free for 2nd year and Senior students and thereafter the charge can be confirmed with Instructor. The initial free reeds will be distributed as needed by In-School Instructors only.

***String Players - 1 free string.  Check with Instructor for cost of replacement string thereafter.

 There will be a $10 replacement fee for all lost or destroyed "Standard of Excellence" music method books.

Students using a DSBN instrument:  the routine repair and maintenance is the responsibility of N.E.I.M. however, repair costs incurred for instrument damage (own or others') resulting from misuse or negligence WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT/GUARDIAN.


Approximate costs for "student" replacement instruments:  Violin $300;  Viola $350;  Cello $1,000;  String Bass $1,500;  bows $50-$150;  Flute  $350; Piccolo $600;  Clarinet $350;  Bass Clarinet $1,200;  Bassoon $7,000;  Oboe $1,200;  Alto Sax $800;  Tenor Sax $1,000;  Bari Sax $3,000;  Trumpet $350; Cornet $350;  French Horn $1,400;  Trombone $500;  Baritone $1,200;  Tuba $2,500;  Snare Drum $350.                                                                       

Please do not hesitate to contact our NEIM Office with any questions or concerns!



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