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For over 50 years NEIM has provided extra-curricular instrumental music education for elementary school students within the DSBN.

What do we offer?

2 lessons a week:

  • one group lesson during school hours

  • one after-school band/orchestra rehearsal

In-school lessons are held in the student’s home school and can be scheduled anytime during the school day. After-school band/orchestra rehearsals are held at a centrally located school and draw students from a number of different home schools. This is an experience that is like no other music program.

Who can sign up?

NEIM welcomes any DSBN student between the grades 3-8. 

  • Brass, string, and woodwind instruments are available for students in grades 3-8.

  • Students can choose percussion starting in grade 5. 

What Instruments?

Check out our list of instruments here:

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